Empowering innovative authors

to create in the twilight zone between digital and real-life

Creating interactive digital products has never been so simple, with the StoryToApp platform you can create, develop and publish digital interactive stories seamlessly.

Our platform helps amateurs and professionals to develop immersive time and place bound stories and create unforgettable experiences taking place in real life.


Extending the DIGITAL

to accommodate for creative writers and interesting stories

We believe in real experiences enhanced by the digital and provided by the local experience producers.

Therefore to extend the digital, we have developed no-code platform that is promoted to the creative community, as the tool for building digital products and putting your business online.

The platform

StoryToApp platform is a three element construct: story builder, story player and story manager .



Prototyping and designing in a WYSWYG environment.

Using the diagram to manage the the application content and screen transitions.



Community application for testing, deploying and sharing the stories with Your friends.

Enterprise application customized to your special needs.



The management system for managing licences, active stories and users.

GDPR compliancy tested.

The builder is used by creative writers and designers to write the story plots, manage transitions and create prototype through diagram; than story owner (publisher) market this story through digital delivery e-commerce platform; and users download freemium stories for free and pays for the premium ones.

Steps for building a digital story


Create game concept or select one

Produce content

Select multimedia and create textual content

Design application

Design story hierarchy and place story content in the platform

Build Prototype

Connect screens and manage the screen and content transitions

Test prototype

Test story diagram in built-in WEB player

Implement advanced features (optional)

Implement rewards system, third party data integration, data upload


Publish your story on community app or request for an enterprise app


The services we provide are connected to the StoryToApp platform but are not limited to the same.

  • check

    Maintenance of StoryToApp platform and system licensing

  • check

    Implementing new features and improving system usability

  • check

    Developing of user and system documentation and creating learning materials

  • check

    Extending the user network and networking with creative cooperatives.

StoryToApp Logo

In addition to main services listed above, we also provide software services based on the StoryToApp platform like commisioning of customized mobile application and 3rd party system integrations.

Steps for becoming digital entrepreneur

Create digital story

Create digital story concept with description for monetization content

Implement pay per download (option)

Feature available on request for enterprise apps

Implement in-app purchases (option)

Feature available on request for community and enterprise apps

Register commercial account

Legal and financial registration within the StoryToApp platform

Operate the digital product

Content maintenance, system updates, dynamic management, advertising

Collect the coins

Making an income from your digital story published and operated online


System is web based and available 24/7. Feature are updated continuously according to the received requests and the updates are released minimum once a year.


Dynamic content

The content of the story can be changed in real time using variable switches or by replacing source files on the cloud storage. We encourage users to test and than publish to avoid unnecessary bugs in programs due to the bad prototyping.


Quick prototyping

Prototyping is done in story builder. The diagram is used for managing the screens, organizational hierarchy, application content and in app transitions; Advanced features linked to variables like: visibility, conditional jumps and data upload are to be found within the program panels and the application look and feel is tested within the built-in web player.


Personalized content

The platform allows user registration with Google and Facebook accounts. The personalized service based on user credentials can be on site (StoryToApp) or channelled by an external API.


Complex transitions

System with conditional jumps, interrupts and timers. Complex transitions are using math and logical operators for testing the transition condition true or false. This enables us to implement story elements like: bonus time to solve mystery, user inventory, reward history etc. increasing the usability of the system.


Software integration

Software integrations are created through manager program that funnels the database stored information to the in-app variables. More advanced software integrations including third party integrations are not available out-of-the-box and are processed case-by-case by technical staff of StoryToApp.


Hardware integration

The player is built in native applications therefore can accommodate for variety of hardware integrations. Currently, StoryToApp is integrating GPS and Bluetooth technology for indoor and outdoor positioning and location sharing; and also is integrating camera interface for taking and uploading media files through mobile app.